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Markets divide your store into logical entities, which can be based on Geo-locations (one market per each country the store goods are offered in), or business needs (e.g. "VIP" market offerring goods at limited prices to VIP customers). Products in each market can have different prices, discounts and use different currencies, they also can have completely separate Product Displays, resulting in a different ways the same Products are shown in each Market. Products stock levels are shown based on the configured Allocation Rule.

Markets also control which campaigns and vouchers are available, which shipping options are available, and which Allocation Rule is used to display stock level.

Market can be set by:

  • (Prio 1) Shop or Checkout API PUT /markets/{ID}
  • (Prio 2) Saved cookie
  • (Prio 3) Geo-IP based location
  • (Prio 4) Fallback to Store's default Market