Using Centra CheckoutScript to update active Ingrid, KCO, Qliro One sessions

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What is Centra CheckoutScript?#

In the selection response, if Klarna Checkout, Qliro One or Ingrid are active on the selection, Centra will return an element called centraCheckoutScript. It registers an event for events triggered by the widgets which need to be passed down to Centra, and convenience functions for suspension and resume of the widgets. If you get the centraCheckoutScript in the selection response, you should add it to your page so that it's picked up.


Embed the script onto your page. You will also need to add an eventlistener for centra_checkout_callback, the job of that is to send the events it picks up back to Centra.

Below is an example of how the EventListener can look, where var url is your endpoint which sends the data as:

  • PUT {api-url}/selections/{selection}/checkout-fields in Shop API, or

  • PUT {api-url}/payment-fields in Checkout API.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 document.addEventListener('centra_checkout_callback', function(origdata) { var url = '{your-endpoint-which-does-PUT-checkout/payment-fields}' $.ajax(url, { method:"POST", data: origdata.detail, success: function(data) { // Ajax update data from response CentraCheckout.resume(origdata.detail.additionalFields.suspendIgnore); } }); });

Suspend() and Resume()#

When you change the selection in the checkout whilst Klarna Checkout, Qliro One or Ingrid plugin is loaded, they need to get updated with the same data Centra has, while Centra does most of the heavy lifting here, like sending data to the Klarna, Qliro One and Ingrid. Your website, however, needs to suspend and resume the widgets. The CentraCheckout object has functions for suspending and resuming Klarna Checkout, Qliro One and Ingrid, depending on which are loaded from Centra. They are CentraCheckout.suspend() and CentraCheckout.resume() respectively.

For Qliro One, you also need to define var totalPrice with new cart total - we need it to synchronize Qliro One widget and unlock it right time.

Here's an example:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 // Perform quantity change of an selection line using ajax function updateSelectionLine(lineID, data) { CentraCheckout.suspend() //suspend Klarna, Qliro One and Ingrid $.ajax({my-endpoint}, { method:"POST", data: origdata.detail, success: function(data) { updateCheckout(data) // Ajax update data from response CentraCheckout.resume(); } }); }