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Pricelists control how much your products cost in each Currency and in each Store. Since Pricelists connects to a Product Display, and not the Product itself, Product price can be different in each configured store. Product without a price will be shown, but is not purchasable, which means it cannot be added to a selection.

You can only configure one Pricelist per one Store per one geo-location. This means you cannot have two EUR pricelists selected for geo-location "Spain". However, you can still configure Pricelists using the same Currency for different Markets, for example one SEK Pricelist set for geo-location "Sweden" and one SEK Pricelist with no geo-location connected to Market "VIP clients".

Pricelist can be set by:

  • (Prio 1) Shop or Checkout API PUT /countries/{code}
  • (Prio 2) Geo-IP based location
  • (Prio 3) Fallback to Store's default Pricelist