Handling 100% discounts

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In case your customer uses a voucher that applies 100% discount on the whole order (including shipping cost), you may be faced with a dilemma: how to handle a payment with 0 amount?

To understand it, first we need to explain the two different approaches to handling customer's shipping address during checkout. There are two possible scenarios: either Centra is sending the address to the PSP (Payment Service Provider), or the provider is displaying their checkout iframe, in which the customer fills in their details, and then the address is sent from the PSP to Centra. We call this second scenario AddressAfterPayment.

There are three payment methods that use AddressAfterPayment:

  • Klarna Checkout v2/v3,
  • PayPal (only when plugin setting Override Shipping Address is set to No).
  • Qliro (only when plugin setting Use customer addresses from Qliro One is set to Yes)

If the payment method you used is a AddressAfterPayment method, Centra will continue to send the order to the PSP even though the amount is 0. This, however, requires the payment provider to allow a 0 amount order to pass through their flow.

If the payment method is not using AddressAfterPayment, Centra will ignore the payment flow and complete the order directly. This will only happen if:

  1. There are products in the order - you cannot finalize an order without products,
  2. The orderTotal is 0, including shipping cost. If shipping is not free, the order will not count as a free order.